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The Taskar Center for Accessible Technology is dedicated to advancing accessibility in mobility and transportation, aiming to create inclusive solutions that benefit individuals of all abilities. We focus on developing and promoting technologies that enhance access to, and improve experiences with mobility and transportation. Through innovative research, advocacy, and collaboration with industry stakeholders, the Taskar Center strives to foster a more inclusive and accessible transportation landscape, ultimately empowering individuals of all abilities to navigate the world with greater independence and ease.

Map of the U.S. with counties in Washington, Oregon, and Maryland highlighted in shades of blue.

Transportation Data Equity Initiative

Transportation equity ensures that all people have access to affordable and convenient…

AccessMap Multimodal

AccessMap Multimodal

Personalized Routes, Seamless Navigation Sidewalks are the vital threads linking us to…

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Pedestrians have a wide variety of needs and preferences. For example, a…

Tactile MapTile employs a unique tactile based representation of various features in a map to enhance the spatial understanding for people with broad visual capacities. Each feature is represented by a differet texture and pattern tactile design. Users can generate and customize a 3D map model based on their choice of location, and which features to include.

Tactile MapTile

Tactile MapTile employs a unique tactile based representation of various features in…

The smart and connected wheelchair. The image3D model of a power wheelchair with iconography of a wireless wave surrounding it. On the right arm support is an icon of GPS location, on the left arm support are icons of wireless emissions from an on-board tablet and icon of messaging sending out from the chair.

Autonomous Wheelchair

We are designing a smart and connected power wheelchair add-on kit that…