Comparison between "Normal OpenStreetMap" annotation of sidewalks and "New Specification (example)" annotation of sidewalks.

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Annotations for Pedestrian Environment (APE)

Elevating the ambitions of TDEI and OpenSidewalks, the Annotations for Pedestrian Environment (APE) dataset addresses a critical urban mobility challenge: accurately mapping pedestrian pathways, including sidewalks and crossings. This project introduces a novel dataset featuring aerial satellite imagery, street map imagery, and precise annotations of sidewalks, crossings, and corner bulbs across various cities. The APE dataset is crucial for a broad spectrum of applications, enhancing pedestrian pathway assessments, and fostering improvements in multi-modal navigation and urban planning.

The dataset spans $2,700 km2 land area, covering select regions from different cities. It can be used for various learning tasks related to segmenting and understanding pedestrian environments. 

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