AccessMap Multimodal

Personalized Routes, Seamless Navigation

Sidewalks are the vital threads linking us to travel options, but they come with challenges. bridges gaps by providing detailed info on pedestrian paths, transit stations, elevation changes, curb ramps, and more. Tailor routes to your mobility and preferences for a hassle-free journey. Now with native support for screen readers and step-by-step instructions for both indoor and outdoor facilities. Your path to accessibility starts with, because everyone deserves to connect seamlessly in our communities!

Image of a hand holding a phone with a pathway and trees in the background. The phone screen shows AccessMap Multimodal step by step instructions.

Customizable mobility preferences

  • Maximum uphill steepness
  • Maximum downhill steepness
  • Street avoidance
  • Avoid barriers (raised curbs and stairs)
  • Avoid noise (sidewalks and crossings adjacent to primary streets)

AccessMap Non-visual Experience

Most mass-produced apps and even signage meant for wayfinding provide only visual cues. Whether it be signage with street names or a map with directional arrows, they are seldom accessible to people with vision impairments. AccessMap Multimodal indicates landmarks such as waste bins, benches, APS signals, and other landmarks that are likely to be encountered along a pedestrian route by a cane user. Additionally, we organize information in a hierarchy for our step-by-step directions so that users may navigate more quickly among street names, landmarks, and other wayfinding information. Further, our step-by-step directions are intended to be detailed yet consistent, using descriptors like slight and sharp to distinguish different kinds of turns. While all of these features are useful, they would be less effective if the user had to actively get to each directional card and check the related information. Alerts on AccessMap also provide timely alerts through the user’s screen reader to indicate directions, tactile landmarks, street names, and even the buildings one is passing by as they traverse!

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