Non-Ableist AI

The Taskar Center for Accessible Technology is dedicated to ensuring that artificial intelligence technologies are developed and implemented in ways that do not perpetuate discrimination or exclusion based on ability. We focus on developing AI technologies that actively counter ableism, ensuring that the tools created are sensitive to the needs and capabilities of individuals with disabilities.. By championing non-ableist AI, the Taskar Center aims to contribute to a more equitable and inclusive technological landscape, where everyone, regardless of ability, can benefit from and participate in the advancements of artificial intelligence.


Gesture Learning

Apple products use the same gesture vocabulary for input. Certainly, unifying gestures…


Next Gen Augmentative Communication

Augmentative communication devices are traditionally speech generating devices through which the actor…

The smart and connected wheelchair. The image3D model of a power wheelchair with iconography of a wireless wave surrounding it. On the right arm support is an icon of GPS location, on the left arm support are icons of wireless emissions from an on-board tablet and icon of messaging sending out from the chair.

Autonomous Wheelchair

We are designing a smart and connected power wheelchair add-on kit that…