FleXR aims to allow anyone with their own custom input systems to access Extended Reality(XR) applications without requiring physical movement of head-mounted displays or hand controllers that are standard today. FleXR’s prototype demonstrates the feasibility of standardizing input systems for XR in the form of a plugin for the WebXR framework A-Frame that easy to implement into new and existing applications.

We are currently looking for individuals with motor disabilities interested in participating in a user study of the impacts FleXR has when integrated into XR applications. No prior experience with XR devices is required to participate.

We are also looking for applications developers with existing A-Frame applications to try integrating FleXR into their work as well as the development of new A-Frame applications, which should follow the specification here.

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  1. The GOFS project aims to extend the General Transit Feed Specification GTFS to include on-demand capabilities. To that end, alongside newly developed functionalities, the existing proposals listed below will be used for the use cases of the GOFS project. As the GOFS project evolves beyond the specification drafting phase, the list may evolve as well: GTFS-Flex v2 GTFS-FareData GTFS-VehicleCategories GTFS-RiderCategories Files from the GTFS-Capabilities and GTFS-Eligibilities project MobilityData and the working group will work to accelerate the adoption of these proposals in their current form, or with non-breaking additions.

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