TDEI Phase 2 Advisory Board Meeting

TDEI Phase 2 Advisory Board Meeting

November 29, 2023

Transportation equity ensures that all people have access to affordable and convenient transportation options, regardless of income, race, ability, or location. The Transportation Data Equity Initiative (TDEI) project aims to provide more equitable mobility benefits by collecting and providing infrastructure to sustainably support open data about sidewalks, transit paths, and on-demand transit services. Benefits extend to both traveler populations and planners.

Join us for a hybrid advisory board meeting, where we'll discuss the future of our exciting project followed by application demonstrations for in-person attendees. This event will take place on Wednesday Nov 29, 2023 from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM PST. We're thrilled to host you in the Gates Commons at the Gates Center for Computer Science Research on the University of Washington Campus, or on Zoom.

During this meeting, we'll provide updates on the progress made so far and gather valuable insights from our advisory board members. It's a fantastic opportunity to network, share ideas, and shape the direction of the second half of TDEI Phase 2.

Event Accessibility

  • ASL Interpretation

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