State of the Map U.S.

Come find TCAT during one of our presentations at State of the Map!
State of the Map U.S.

June 6, 2024 June 8, 2024

OpenStreetMap US invites you to join the mapping community at the 12th annual State of the Map US conference this June in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Featuring presentations by TCAT members,

  • Scalable and Accelerated AI Mapping for Connected Pedestrian Pathways Graphs

Friday June 7, 2024 @ 1:45 PM

Speaker: Cy Rossingol

Description: Mapping pedestrian pathways on OSM can be challenging, requiring extensive data and effort. To address this, we developed PROPHET, an AI pipeline, that utilizes aerial imagery, existing street data, computer vision, and optimization to automatically generate connected pedestrian pathways graphs data at scale. This data is per the standardized OpenSidewalks Schema that integrates seamlessly with OSM. With PROPHET, we have produced connected graph data for 6 entire counties in 3 different states.
  • Taskar Center For Accessible Technology (TCAT) "Responsible Data Science in Urban Spaces" Course

Saturday June 8, 2024 @ 11:25 AM

Speaker: Cy Rossingol

Description: TCAT at the University of Washington offers a course, "Responsible Data Science in Urban Spaces," teaching highschool and undergraduate students GIS software and data ethics. Using OSM data and TCAT's Walksheds tool scripts, students analyze transportation data to create scalable equity and accessibility analysis tools. Our study and talk demonstrate the versatility of walksheds and accessibility inquiries using OSM data, showcasing student projects and discussing potential future applications.

  • AccessMap: a routable network based on OSM pedestrian features

Saturday June 8, 2024 @ 1:30 PM

Speaker: Sam Yasen

Description: leverages the expansive pedestrian data from OSM to create a routable network tailored for pedestrians. The adoption of the OpenSidewalks schema makes the data even more valuable, enabling applications like AccessMap and others to offer pedestrians highly useful and customized accessible routes. The application specifically considers accessibility features such as inclines, crossings and curb ramps, making it an unparalleled trip information tool for individuals using mobility aids


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