ITS4US Deployment Program Phase 2 Webinar: OpenSidewalks

OpenSidewalks: Advancing Pedestrian Data Collection and Interoperability, Through an Open Data Collaborative and Accessibility-First Principles
ITS4US Deployment Program Phase 2 Webinar: OpenSidewalks

February 7, 2024

OpenSidewalks is an innovative project aimed at improving pedestrian accessibility and inclusivity in urban environments. The project focuses on leveraging open data and community collaboration to create comprehensive sidewalk maps and accessibility information. By combining computational models, crowdsourced data, geographic information systems (GIS) technology, and user feedback, OpenSidewalks aims to provide valuable insights into pedestrian infrastructure, making cities more accessible for all pedestrians, and providing invaluable information for urban and transportation planners.

The project's primary goal is to develop a user-friendly data schema, platform and tooling that allow all users, whether municipalities, transportation agencies or crowds, to contribute sidewalk data, such as sidewalk widths, curb cuts, obstructions, and other relevant information. This data is then processed and integrated into publicly accessible data that can be consumed in many different ways, including pedestrian routing applications and urban planning decision-making tools. The project also emphasizes the importance of user engagement and feedback to continuously update and improve the sidewalk data.

OpenSidewalks recognizes the significance of collaborative efforts and partnerships. It actively encourages community involvement, including input from advocacy groups, local residents, and municipal organizations, to ensure that the collected data accurately reflects the ground realities and the needs of diverse communities. Through its comprehensive sidewalk maps and accessibility information, OpenSidewalks strives to enhance urban planning, support policy decisions, and promote the creation of inclusive, pedestrian-friendly environments. By empowering individuals to contribute and access valuable sidewalk data, the project aims to foster equitable and accessible communities for all.

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