Communities of Practice

Image of students and facilitators at a table explaining an accessible version of Hexapawn.

The Taskar Center engages communities of practice in several domains. Communities of practice are groups of people who bring experience and expertise from a wide range of areas, convening together to explore and learn a complex domain together. Our gatherings set up spaces (in person, or virtual) for new types of conversations, discussing opportunities for new partnerships that may bring different and unlikely people together to engage in learning across different perspectives, integrating diverse geographies, cultures, disciplines, and lived experiences.

We currently coordinate three different communities of practice:

OpenThePaths: a community of practice concerned with equitable, sustainable, accessible built environments

iDesignLab: a community of practice concerned with equitable, sustainable maker communities for social good (and particularly, accessibility)

NonAbleistDataScience: a community of practice concerned with bias in AI and data science, and specifically, ableism in data science.