TCAT & OpenSidewalks named on #CSforAll White House Fact Sheet

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Open Sidewalks

Our project Open Sidewalks was chosen to be mentioned in the Back to School White House Fact Sheet! Recognized for its contribution to the nationwide effort to improve Computer Science Education, #CSforAll, Open Sidewalks builds tools to teach school kids about GIS and create tools for sustainable communities.

“Accessible communities promote Sustainable Communities,” is the moto. Indeed, mapping sidewalks to highlight poor conditions and lack of access can improve everyone's ability to navigate the urban environment.

The CSforALL effort of the Open Sidewalks project is designed to empower STEM teachers at K-12 education organizations to catalyze community-building projects that address pressing local needs fulfilling the theme “Accessible Communities promote Sustainable Communities.”

Participants are urged to engage in computational thinking experiences and integrated citizen science through challenges in Geographical Information Systems generating open data about sidewalks and pedestrian paths within their own communities.

OpenSidewalks will offer teaching materials as well as technology tools to integrate the joint community findings in shareable format for open maps, as well as free and automated wayfinding for accessible and safe walking/wheeling routes to work, school and public transit.

Stay tuned for more news on our #CSforAll effort!

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