CSE 495: Special Projects (Fall,Winter,Spring)

Interested in putting your skills towards making urban environments more accessible, engaging, inclusive communities? In the AccessMap VIP (CSE495) course, you can develop data-driven applications for pedestrian-centric community engagement and educational technology that engages students in geographical sciences and place-making. This VIP (vertically integrated project) course will provide hands-on experience with the ins and outs of creating polished, data-driven software, with opportunities to focus on geodata analytics, mobile app development, mobile civic engagement, mobile app data acquisition (sensors, etc), full-stack web development, human-centered design, and educational tools for civic engagement.  We will spend the quarter working with university and government partners on innovative projects that harness data for improved services, as well as more efficient and effective interventions.

Who should apply: Graduate and undergraduate students with an interest in CS, transportation, civic education, data science, architecture, urban design, disability studies, rehabilitation and statistics. 

To apply, please send current transcript, whether you can commit two consecutive quarters and the reason for your interest in the course to uwtcat@uw.edu.

Undergrads sign up for

CSE495 (SLN 13137 )


ENGR 297 (SLN 14520)

Graduate students sign up for ENGR 497: (SLN 14530