Parent applauds TCAT's emphasis on engaging technology designers, therapists and users

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A recent parent testimonial:

Dear TCAT,

Thank you for your recent invitation to have Sophia Grace participate in your assistive technology focus group. I am so happy as a parent of a child with profound special needs that there is finally a union between the designer, the therapist, and the user of assistive devices! So often, adaptive devices are recommended for Sophia, but when the device arrives we learn that because of her unique physical differences, she can't use them fully. For example, a switch was ordered for her to begin to learn cause and effect (and have some fun toys to play with!). Because she is missing her right hand, and her left hand is somewhat fused at the wrist, we struggled to find a way for her to have the switch placed so she could activate it. The box the switch was housed in was too large for her hand. If the designer of that switch had actually met Sophia, she or he would have likely been able to modify that switch to fit HER.

I would also very much like Sophia to be a part of the young assistive technology builders program which will connect high school students(builders) with members of the special needs population. Certainly for the builder, this work is educational on many levels. STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) concepts and skills would be inherently taught in the process, and equally important to me is the opportunity for the builder and the user to interact in a MEANINGFUL way! In many ways the teaching is going BOTH ways, and that is where learning takes place at the highest level.

Sincerely yours,

Stacey S*****