King County Metro voices enthusiasm over TCAT collaboration

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Side view of Access Bus by King County Metro.

In a letter to the UW office of research, Matthew Weidner, Transportation Planner for Accessible Services at King County Metro (KCM), voiced enthusiastic support for the research collaboration TCAT has in place with KCM:

"Over the past year we worked closely with Dr. Anat Caspi. From this collaboration, we successfully
developed innovative and ground-breaking analysis tools that increased both our understanding
and the efficiency of paratransit systems. The work products of this effort have been picked up
by both King County Metro and Pierce Transit and have been used to evaluate and improve the
efficiency of transit systems today. The speed with which this research has been adopted by both
agencies speaks directly to the need and very real potential of this research to improve the transit
systems that serve our major cities."

TCAT and KCM Accessible Services hope to continue collaborating with the mutual goal of increasing our understanding of today’s transit system, increasing the efficiency of paratransit systems, and improving urban livability across the United States.