Attend RJ Cooper's Masterclass on 3/25/16

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TCAT is thrilled to welcome RJ Cooper to a masterclass of his AT craft at UW CSE>

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All events to take place at the GATES COMMONS room on the 6th floor of the Paul G. Allen Building UW CSE, Seattle campus of the University of Washington (see map and directions below)

08:00-08:45am   Registration and Breakfast  
        location: CSE Atrium
08:45-11:30am   RJ Cooper Masterclass
        morning session 
11:30am- 1 pm   Break (no host lunch) 
        RJ Cooper Masterclass
        afternoon session 

About the event: RJ Cooper, a practitioner who specializes in access technologies, has created and customized tools for hundreds of complex learners and has helped people make breakthroughs in their education. On 3/25, RJ Cooper will be giving a 6 hour masterclass at the Taskar Center. The morning (8:45-11:30) and afternoon (1pm-3pm) sessions will take place in Gates Commons at CSE. Throughout the class RJ will work with eight learners (for 30 minutes each) on a task that s/he has not done before, introducing assistive technologies and practical applications, as needed. Some examples are using a switch in a new way or position, using pictures for communication, or significantly increasing attending and time-on-task.